Are you a Seasonal Homeowner, Vacation Homeowner or simply travel and need someone to watch over your home, condo, townhouse, apartment or business?



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We offer a broad range of homewatch and protection services including handyman repairs for things that happen when you are either here or away.



We Watch your home so you don’t have to worry when you are gone. We will do complete interior and exterior walk-thru’s, check all bathroom and kitchen plumbing, appliances and more. Call us today for a customized quote.



We Watch your home for any issues that could cause damage or problems for you when you return. Our comprehensive list of contractors will help you make informed decisions about repairs from anywhere in the world.



We Watch for any issues and report them to you immediately along with any suggestions. Our state-of-the-art system also alerts you anytime we visit the property so you can be sure we are keeping an eye on everything.


What We Do For You…

We Watch 941 is committed to watching your home, condo or villa during your absence. We Watch uses state of the art real time reporting to get you the information about your home quickly and efficiently. We can watch and maintain a primary residence, a second/vacation home or just a property for a family member who needs their home to be checked periodically. We will go through a comprehensive checklist, record GPS location data and take photos of your home if needed. We Watch 941 can also provide ala carte services such as; storm protection, car drive program, maintenance system checks, key and entry access services and much more. If a problem is found, we will coordinate a solution with your choice of licensed companies that we will assist you in selecting. We Watch 941 offers services in Englewood, Florida and the surrounding areas. We Watch 941…We Watch your home for you!

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